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10 Ways to Make Your Vacation More Affordable
By Jennifer Whipple
8/23/2016 9:43:00 AM  

Summer’s the perfect time to take a vacation, but worrying about the expense can make it more stressful than refreshing. Here are some cost-trimming tips that will let you spend less time worrying about money and more time relaxing!

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1. Take advantage of coupons. Look online, in the newspaper, in stores and motels or to your travel provider for coupons that will save you money on food, lodging, events and attractions.

2. Be flexible with your travel times. You can sometimes save on the cost of a plane ticket by departing or arriving on a different day than you originally planned or even at a different time of day. And do sign up for rewards programs, even if you don’t travel frequently – the services are free, and you may qualify at some point.

3. Travel in groups. Plan a vacation with a few friends or family members to take advantage of group discounts. Book your airline and hotel reservations at the same time to take advantage of package deals.

4. Go light. Many airlines are now charging you to check even one bag – plan to check only one suitcase per person, and avoid using oversized bags. Better yet, travel light with carryon bags only!

5. Rent a car. Believe it or not, this can actually save you money – particularly when compared with the cost of an airport shuttle. You’ll also have the advantage of being able to carry your bags more easily, avoid the cost of a cab, and save wear and tear on your own car. Keep in mind that smaller vehicles are not only cheaper – they generally use less gas, too. Fill the tank yourself before turning in the car – the agency will charge you for a full tank of gas (at their high prices) even if it just needs to be topped off.

6. Stay in a nearby town instead of the town or city you’re visiting. Staying in a small town just a 15- or 20-minute car or train ride away could save a lot of money on hotel rates.

7. Use public transportation. Taxis may be the easiest way to get from point A to point B, but the cost can add up fast. When not using a rental car, rely on trains and buses instead – public transit is much cheaper, and often easier, too.

8. Look for discounts at your destination. Theme parks, museums and other attractions often offer discounts to senior citizens, students, auto club members and children. Make sure to bring your ID and membership cards with you to prove you qualify.

9. Skip the attractions for a day. If you’re spending several days at a vacation destination, take some time away from the attractions. Relax by the hotel swimming pool – your body will thank you for the break and you’ll have more energy for later. After all, you’re paying for it!

10. Stay close to home. Flying off to an exotic location can be exciting, but sticking close to home can be fun and interesting, too – not to mention more affordable! It will also be less of a hassle to get there.

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With a little planning, you’ll be able to travel affordably – and less stressfully. Bon voyage!


Note: Looking for ways to make your next trip easier? Check out our complete line of smart Travel Problem Solvers!

Have a travel cost-saving tip of your own? Share it in the comments section below.

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The Best Travel Accessories for Staying Organized on the Go
By Brynne Jones
3/10/2014 3:18:00 PM  

Becoming a smart traveler usually takes time, experience and maybe a few mishaps… but our Problem Solvers team didn’t want you to have to go through all of that! That’s why we came up with these three simple hacks to help you avoid common traveling woes.


PakUrDerm Travel Kit

Put liquids in smaller toiletry bottles that meet TSA requirements

Transferring your shampoos, conditioners, soap and other necessities into smaller bottles (no more than 3 oz) in your carry-on is one of the smartest moves you can make when traveling. With a little advance planning, you’ll never scramble to find containers and plastic baggies in the line at security, or have to sprint to repack your checked luggage again! In fact, by organizing your toiletries ahead of time and bringing only the amount you’ll need for the duration of your trip, you can often avoid checking luggage (and potentially losing your personal items) altogether. The PakUrDerm Travel Kit system has everything you need to stay one step ahead of the TSA’s liquid restrictions. It contains six 2.8 oz containers with easy-grip tops and wide openings that are easy to fill with all your personal care essentials. Plus, the kit comes with a set of blank, waterproof, pre-printed labels and an included marker, so you can clearly mark the bottles’ contents and prevent confusion.

Charge QUAD USB Power HubKeep in touch on the go—without running out of juice

If you have multiple devices that you use on a regular basis—phone, tablet, laptop, mp3 player, eReader, etc.—you know how quickly one or more of those can lose power when you only have one charger. Whether you’re working from the road or trying to keep multiple people entertained on a long road trip, the Charge™ Quad USB Power Hub™ 9.6 provides four USB ports to keep up to four devices charged with 2.4A of power. (That’s enough power to charge up to four iPads™ at once!) With a USB power hub on hand, you’ll never struggle to stay connected on the road again.

BANDI Travel and Money WalletStash your money, passport and other valuable items in a discreet money belt

If you’ve ever traveled far from home, you’re likely to have experienced some minor anxiety about the safety of your valuables. Designed to reduce even the slightest stress at the location of important personal items—like credit cards, foreign currency, passport, cash, ID, keys, prescription medication or just about anything else—our BANDI® Travel and Money Belt rests comfortably around waist sizes 30-42 inches, subtly conforming to your body and offering a discreet location to store extra-sensitive items. You’ll never have to worry about being pick-pocketed on public transit or accidentally losing your passport in a foreign capital with this safe, secure travel solution.


And this is just the beginning of our stress-free travel solution ideas! For more ways to stay organized on the fly, check out our extensive collection of travel problem solvers

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