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Simple Solutions to Help You Weather the Winter
By Brynne Jones
2/17/2014 9:20:00 AM  

Touchscreen Gloves
Use your smartphone without taking off your gloves

We’ve all been there. You take off your gloves to type something on your smartphone (answer a text or an email, type in a search, navigate on a map, etc.), put them back on… and promptly receive a response that needs a reply. You take them off, put them back on, take them off, put them on—the cycle continues, and it’s exhausting! Nip the hassle in the bud by investing in a pair of Touch Screen Gloves. They’re sleek, warm and are designed with touchscreen-compatible fingertips, allowing you to use your smartphone without having to remove your gloves. No more frozen fingertips or complicated juggling. They even glow in the dark!

HappyLight Natural Spectrum Light

Battle the darkness with all-natural light therapy

Winter blues got you down? You’re not alone; approximately 3% of the American population is said to suffer from seasonal affective disorder. Experts believe a lack of natural sunlight causes your body’s natural circadian rhythms to become out of sync, causing symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, difficulty concentrating and depressed mood. The HappyLight™ Natural Spectrum Daylight Lamp uses natural light therapy to counteract these symptoms by replicating daylight during winter’s darkest days. It’s a simple, chemical-free solution to increase productivity and brighten your mood. After all, you can’t make spring come early—but you can trick your mind into believing it has!

 Faucet Sock

Insulate outdoor faucets to avoid frozen pipes

Winter weather can be tough on your plumbing. As water freezes, it expands, putting an enormous amount of pressure on your pipes. To prevent damaging ruptures and costly repairs, you can inexpensively freeze-proof your outdoor faucet by investing in a Faucet Sock. This simple solution covers and insulates your faucet from rain, snow, wind and freezing temperatures to protect the fixture and prevent residual water from freezing in your pipes. It’s also easy to install and ensures you’ve safely removed your hose before the winter months to minimize potential freezing.


Don’t despair, our simple solutions to your wintertime worries don’t end here.
Check out more of our affordable, effective winter problem solvers, and enjoy more snow and less stress!


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