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Our New Blog

Mosquito Control: Take Back Your Patio!
By Jennifer Whipple
7/6/2016 11:17:00 AM

While the bite of a mosquito comes with an annoying itch, it can also come with the risk of Zika virus and West Nile virus. That makes reducing mosquitoes (or at least keeping them from biting you) as important for your health as it is for your comfort.

Here are some tips for keeping mosquitoes from bugging you and your family here:

Prevent Them

Leaf Shifter Gutter Guard

• Eliminate places where water collects in your yard (i.e. buckets, rain barrels, tarps, patio furniture and grill covers, birdbaths, rain gutters, pet water bowls, etc.)

• Eliminate mosquito larvae in ponds, pools and birdbaths
• If you have a pond, install a fountain and stock it with fish (goldfish, guppies and other small fish are better than koi for eating mosquito larvae)
• Keep your swimming pool clean, aerated and chlorinated
• Rinse and refill birdbaths at least every other day
• Keep your lawn, shrubs and trees well trimmed – mosquitoes roost in shady, while well-trimmed landscape decreases moisture and increases wind and sun (both of which deter discourage mosquitoes)
• Encourage bats by putting a bat house in your yard, and they’ll dine on the mosquitoes and other insect pests

Bat House

Deter Them

• Use bug lights, LED lights and sodium lamps along a pathway or patio, and around doors and windows so you don’t attract mosquitoes. What are bug lights? They have yellow bulbs, but also LED lights and sodium lamps can be considered bug lights because they don’t attract mosquitoes the way ordinary lights do.
• Because carbon dioxide attracts mosquitoes, candles can attract them: use battery-powered or solar-powered lights instead
• Avoid floral or fruity fragrances, including those in candles and perfume
• Wear light colored clothing (and remember, the more skin you cover, the smaller the target)
• Mosquitoes are attracted to lactic acid, so you become a more attractive meal to them when you eat foods high in salt or potassium, or are exercising—be sure to use a repellent or cover your skin

2-in-1 Table Lamp & Mosquito Repeller

Chase Them

• Mosquitoes don't like breezes – use an outdoor fan to create one on your patio
• Place a chunk of dry ice in a bucket of water and place it at least 15 feet away from where people gather—the carbon dioxide released will draw mosquitoes away
• Fill a pie plate with water and add a few drops of lemon-scented liquid dish soap and place it away from your sitting area (mosquitoes will be attracted to the scent)
• Lemon-scented geraniums and marigolds tend to discourage mosquitoes, so plant them in pots on your deck or around the patio
• Make your own nontoxic repellents using lavender, eucalyptus, or coconut oil

Trap Them

Here are a couple of great ways to trap pesky mosquitoes and protecting your space:

DynaTrap™ Mosquito Trap

3-in-1 Lantern & Bug Zapper

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