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Our New Blog

How to Prepare for an Emergency
By Brynne Jones
10/29/2013 1:41:00 PM


In the wake of recent hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and wild fires, it pays to take extra steps to be prepared. So, in honor of Hurricane Sandy’s one-year anniversary, we’ve pulled together a list of our 5 simple ways to be prepared for any emergency situation.

Wise 72-Hour Food Supply
1) Keep an Emergency Food Supply on Hand


In case extreme weather events, national emergencies or other unforeseen circumstances leave you and your family with no access to grocery stores, restaurants or food delivery services, the U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) recommends keeping at least a 72-hour supply of non-perishable food on hand at all times. There may be power outages lasting for several days following a disaster, so stocking canned foods, dehydrated mixes and other staple items that don’t require refrigeration, cooking or other special preparation is essential.


The Wise Emergency Food Supply System is a brilliant, effortless way to ensure you and your family get the nourishment you need. This 72-Hour Emergency Food Supply includes a selection of seven gourmet breakfast, lunchand dinner entrées (42 servings in total) to choose from. One food supply package alone can feed a family of four! These freeze-dried, dehydrated meals are quick and easy to prepare—just add water—and the smart packaging design gives food a 25-year shelf life. Investing in a food supply is a wise decision that will give your family insurance against disaster.

 Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack

2) Invest in an Emergency Supply Kit


After investing in a back-up food supply, creating an emergency supply kit is the next step in smart disaster preparation. Whether you’re isolated from access to stores, restaurants and other essential locations by an extreme weather event or other emergency, it’s important to keep a well-stocked supply of food, first aid and other survival essentials until utilities are restored. Compiling all of the items that you and your family would need in case of an unexpected emergency may seem like a daunting (and expensive) task—but the solution is actually quite simple.


The Wise 5-Day Survival Backpack is an all-in-one emergency supply kit and food supply that will ensure the comfortable survival of a family of four for a five-day period. Including 38 servings of freeze-dried, dehydrated, gourmet food entrées, the Survival Backpack also includes six 4.227 fl. oz. water pouches, one portable stove including 24 fuel tablets, one stainless steel cup, one squeeze flashlight, one 5-in-1 survival whistle, one 47-piece first aid and hygiene kit (including a 37-piece bandage kit), one N95 dust mask, one set of pocket tissues, three wet naps, one waste bag, one box of waterproof matches, one mylar blanket, one emergency poncho and one set of playing cards. You’ll sleep easier knowing that, should the unexpected occur, you’ll be ready to throw this backpack—full of nourishment, comfort and protection—over your shoulder and overcome adversity.

Flood Buzz Water Leak Detectors

3) Alert and Protect against Floods


Floods are an increasingly common hazard in the U.S these days. Some floods develop slowly—building momentum, impacting only a small area, neighborhood or community and giving you time to formulate a plan to get to higher ground—while others can rip through large regions in a matter of minutes. Flash floods can occur as a result of excessive rainfall and overland flooding or, in more serious cases, dam or levee failure. In either case, it is important to be aware of flood hazards no matter where you live, but particularly in lower-lying regions, at sea level or below and near water or a dam or levee.


This Set of 3 Flood Buzz Water Leak Detectors helps to predict future flooding. Place the Flood Buzz at the lowest level of your house or near any potential flood spot, and enjoy the comforting knowledge that it will alert you if there is even a hint of a leak. If it detects water, it will emit a very loud alarm to indicate that there is a problem that needs immediate attention. In addition to providing advance warning if your basement, garage or crawlspace is beginning to flood, the Flood Buzz Water Leak Detectors also protect against common household leaks and damage and are ideal for placing next to washing machines, sinks, water heaters, radiators, bathrooms, basements, boats, pumps, etc. Be prepared for flash floods and protect against leak damage without constant monitoring; let these Flood Buzz Water Leak Detectors do the work for you!


4) Look to Alternative Energy Sources for Emergency Lighting


As the grid ages and thunderstorms and extreme weather conditions grow more common, power outages are likely to become more common, too. Whatever the cause of lost electricity, it can sometimes take hours, days or even weeks to restore power fully to affected areas. Battery-powered solutions help shed light, of course, in trying circumstances, but you don’t want to have to place your faith fully in something that ultimately requires electricity to recharge. Banging that flashlight won’t rejuvenate its battery, unfortunately, when it does eventually run out—leaving you sitting in the dark.


That’s when solar-powered solutions reveal their brilliance. This Solar Light Cap is an ingenious, hands-free solution that uses built-in solar panels to capture the sun’s energy and power its ultra-bright LED lights, conveniently built directly into the baseball cap’s brim for effortless directional lighting. The comfortable, unique baseball cap design is perfect for times when you need both arms to carry emergency supplies or navigate difficult terrain. The Solar Light Cap is also sealed against water and dust to industrial standard IP66 rating. Plus, its resilient, solar-powered design means you’ll never have to worry about replacing batteries, as long as you have access to the sun! A full day of sun provides up to 24 hours of light, using the dimming feature, or 3-4 hours of bright light, so that you and your family won’t be left sitting in the dark. Featuring four light modes (constant on, SOS signal, strobe and flash), it can also aid in drawing attention and bringing help to you sooner.

Solar/Crank Emergency Radio

5) Stay Informed with an Emergency Radio


During an emergency, it is of the utmost importance that you stay as informed as possible of conditions as they arise, shift and change. This holds especially true during inclement or hazardous weather, when the direction of storms may shift suddenly nearby or directly into your path. The FEMA recommends keeping a battery-powered or hand crank radio and a NOAA Weather Radio with tone alert on hand at all times for just such purposes. Battery-powered devices are a good option for short-term communications, but it is also wise to keep a longer-term solution in your emergency supply kit.


This Solar/Crank Emergency Radio is an ideal long-term solution, as it provides light, information, entertainment and peace of mind. Its two power options—solar-powered or hand-crank—allow you to power your main source of communications, no matter the circumstances, and its built-in LED flashlight enables you to find the correct radio channel, day or night. This digital radio keeps you informed of weather, emergencies and other salient information on both AM/FM radio and seven NOAA weather bands. It even has a built-in USB cell phone charger, battery charge indicator and handy carabiner, so that you can hang or attach it for continuous communication when you’re on the move.


With these five simple solutions, you can help minimize the impact of an unexpected emergency on your family, and ensure that you are all safe, warm, dry and nourished. For more great ideas on how to prepare for an emergency, shop our Emergency Preparedness Collection

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